Are you passionate about BTT?

The Valley of Benasque offers incomparable settings to practice BTT. We suggest you 10 routes classified by distance and slope.

The routes you can find in our valley combine distances up to 56kms and slopes up to 2,000 accummulated metres.

The Valley of Benasque has some of the highest mountains in Spain. Ride your bicycle and get excellent panoramic views of mountains like the Aneto, Posets, or Perdiguero.

There are also tracks for enduro lovers, where they can test their BTT skills.

We encourage our customers to take their bicycles with them. There is an area in our campsite where you can wash, repair and oil your bicycle….cause we are bike friendly.

Rutas PuroPirineo

Rutas PuroPirineo

Routes from camping

GPS tracking, they all begin and end at the campsite.

RutaDistanciaTiempoDesnivel ac.Dificultad
1Arnaldet - Rabaltueras - Arnaldet21 Km2 hs. 30 min.1000 mtsMedia
2Arnaldet-Vuelta Sierra Chia-Arnaldet51 Km5 hs. 30 min.1600 mtsMedia
3Arnaldet-Especial trialeras-Arnaldet
4Arnaldet-Castejón de Sos-Benasque-Arnaldet32 Km2 hs.450 mtsBaja
5Arnaldet - Refugio Estos - Arnaldet44 Km4 hs. 30 min.1400 mtsAlta
6Arnaldet - Vallibierna - Arnaldet47 Km4 hs1000 mtsMedia
7Arnaldet - Benasque - Besurta - Arnaldet56 Km4 hs. 30 min.1300 mtsMedia
8Arnaldet - Castejón - Arasán - Gallinero - Liri - Arnaldet51 Km5 hs. 30 min.1800 mtsMedia
9Arnaldet - Colladeta - Ampriu - Arnaldet39 Km3 hs. 30 min.1300 mtsMedia / alta
10Arnaldet - Reyes Magos - Arnaldet39 Km4 hs. 30 min.1800 mtsMedia

Our BTT station

So you can clean and repair your bike at the campsite we have a small workshop and a washing area

Estación BTT 1
Estación BTT 1
Estación BTT 1