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2 and 5 days of Puro Pyrenees enduro in the Benasque Valley


May-June and September-October

2 days Puro Pyrenees

We propose a “butt” day of descents for the best tracks of Puro Pyrenees at least 2000 meters. of negative slope in 3 lifts combined so that you can do them in one day. Arrival on Friday at the campsite, accommodation in Bungalow, on Saturday morning with the knife in the mouth, to burn brake pads and on Sunday to do some pedaling route or to go sightseeing in our valley. You will go home with the taste of having made the most alpine enduro routes in our country. Choose your pack …

PackRoutesDescent distanceAccumulated slope of descent
1Rabaltueras8 kms-1050 mts.
1Magic Line5 kms-850 mts.
1 Chia2.5 kms-350 mts.
TOTALSPACK 115.5 kms-2250 mts.
2Pllanadona3.5 kms.-600 mts.
2Muntiñero3.5 kms.-700 mts.
2Gallinero13 kms.-1300 mts.
TOTALSPACK 220 kms.-2600 mts.
3P. de Sahún11 kms.-900 mts.
3Kulunguele3.5 kms.-600 mts.
3 Ardonés6 kms.-1000 mts.
TOTALSPACK 320.5 kms.-2500 mts.
4Ñara9 kms.-1000 mts.
4Gabás2.5 kms.-350 mts.
4Coll de Fadas9 kms.-900 mts.
TOTALSPACK 420.5 kms.-2250 mts.

Route Profile

5 days Pure Pyrenees

For 5 days you will cycle through incredible routes in the Benasque Valley combining landscape and good food. You will discover enduro routes with views of the Aneto and other three thousand that are in the area.

On the first day , leaving and returning to the camping by bike, you will pedal non-stop the Magic Line Route and the Eresué route.

On the second day , we will go back in the morning to the Integral Route of the chicken coop and in the afternoon to Gabás to go down to El Run.

The third day , leaving and returning to the camping by bike, we propose the Rabaltueras route.

On the fourth day we propose a traced trotbike activity; It is a scooter (no pedals) with 24 wheels, shock absorbers and disc brakes that must be seen which is enjoyed with it.

Finally, on the fifth day, with the best taste, the free ride star route. We go back to the Mountain Hut of Bisaurri, so that you descend in the purest free style to the town of Suils and there take the route of the Witches to finish the descent below Espés. There you go pedaling, you go up the forest track to the SelvaPlana pass; from there to Gabas, then to the Run along a hardened “electric” path and to Castejón de Sos and from there to finish the campsite, 70 km (including the ski lift) and 2600 meters of negative slope.

EtapaRutaDistanciaDesnivel acumuladoFichaTrack
Día 1
Magic Line19,2 km850 mLogoReducidoMini_PuroPirineoLogoMini_Wikiloc
Día 1
Eresué24,3 km600 mLogoReducidoMini_PuroPirineoLogoMini_Wikiloc
Día 2 mañana
Integral del gallinero30,6 km1.350 mLogoReducidoMini_PuroPirineoLogoMini_Wikiloc
Día 2 tarde
Gabás-El Rún4 km500 mLogoReducidoMini_PuroPirineoLogoMini_Wikiloc
Día 3
Rabaltueras20,2 km1.050 mLogoReducidoMini_PuroPirineoLogoMini_Wikiloc
Día 4 Trotbike
Planadona4 km620 m10407064_317967911695495_6412051204599387692_nLogoMini_Wikiloc
Dia 5 Freeride
Free Ride Puro Pirineo
70 km2600 mLogoMini_Wikiloc


imagen bungalow
2 days5 days
2 people130 €250 €
3 people100 €210 €
4 or more people90 €197 €
imagen furgo bike
CAMPING/FURGO electricity
2 days5 days
2 people106 €190 €
3 people76 €150 €
4 or more people66 €137 €

Offer valid for May-June and September-October 2019

Prices per person (VAT included), only accommodation, in Bungalows or Camping (with your tent or van), as you choose.

Fully equipped bungalows; kitchen, utensils, hob, microwave …

It includes all the ski lifts that are detailed in the planning as well as the activity of trotbike in the offer 5 days.

The rental of the MTT’s own material is not included. If required, it will be billed separately.

The level of demand of our proposal, both physical and technical, is high; We can prepare you a program of less demanding routes if you ask us to

the limit is up to you

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