We recommend you and your family 10 routes, which used to be the roads that linked the towns around our camping (Sesué, Villanova, Eresué, Eriste, Castejón de Sos, Benasque, and the rest of towns and villages of the Valley).

These roads will take you to ancient times and flow through typical forests of the Pyrenees full of ashes, oaks, boxes, beeches, hazelnut and walnut trees. You will also discover the characteristic distribution of high mountain fields.

Wildlife can be discovered from these roads and you can easily see squirrels, badgers, roe deers, wild boars, and typical birds of the Pyrenees like bearded vultures, wagtails, Egyptian vultures, vultures…..

Spring brings color to our valley. Flowers like dandelion and apple and cherry trees turn fields into a colorful blast.

Summer is warm in our mountains and you can feel the freshness of the Esera river and the smooth waters of any of its smooth branches.

Red and yellow is the characteristic color of fall. Beech trees turn to red and the green color of pine and birch trees surrenders to other trees that turn our forests into a picture of powerful colors. Leaves fall off the trees waiting for the snow.

Landscape turns to white in winter and you can easily find tracks of quiet animals on roads.

RutaDistanciaTiempoDesnivel ac.
1Arnaldet-Ferrata-San Sadurni-Mirador-Arnaldet5,2 Km2 hs.260 mts
2Arnaldet-San Sadurni-Fuendedia-Palanqueta-Arnaldet8 Km3 hs. 30 min.400 mts
3Arnaldet-Sesue-Sos-Castejón-Arnaldet14 km3 hs.400 mts
4Arnaldet-Sahún-San Pedro-Sahún-Arnaldet
5Arnaldet-Tuasa-Pantano-Eriste-Arnaldet13 Km3 hs.500 mts
6Arnaldet-Pantano Eriste-Benasque (solo ida)10 Km2 hs500 mts
7Arnaldet-Castejón de Sos (solo ida)6,5 Km1 hs. 30 min.80 mts
8Arnaldet-Sesué-Villanova-Sahún-Arnaldet12 Km3 hs. 500 mts
9Arnaldet-Villanova-Rabaltueras-Villanova-Arnaldet10 Km4 hs.579 mts
10Arnaldet-Villanova-San Pedro-Cantera-Arnaldet