High-mountain Routes

Here you can download the tracks of high-mountain routes and also check them on wikiloc. Getting information is a must before going to the mountains. Information such as weather report, road conditions (ex. Snow), as well as a precise map of the area, and appropriate clothing and equipment will contribute to have a save experience.

Besurta-Aneto (3.404 mts.)
Puente de Coronas-Aneto (3.404 mts.)
Refugio Angel Orus-Posets (3.371 mts.)
Aparcamiento Literola - Perdiguero (3.222 mts.)
Puente de Coronas - Tuca de Vallibierna (3.067mts.)
Puente de Cregüeña - Ibón de Cregüeña (2.630 mts.)
Hospital de Benasque - Salvaguardia (2.738 mts.)
Parking Estos - Ibon Gran Batisielles (2.220 mts.)